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What Makes Your Heart Happy?

What makes your heart happy? This picture was taken during the Christmas break. My son-in-law, who had moved his little family to Alberta from BC in August, decided to put a rink in their backyard. Watching my 6-year-old grandson zoom around on this ice and knowing his dad had put in hours of work for this moment definitely makes my heart happy.

What makes your heart happy?

Teaching and talking about DBT-informed skills also makes my heart happy. This month I'm speaking and sharing about these skills at six different Teachers' Conventions in Alberta.

So far, I have interacted with different educators and leaders who are truly caring professionals. They are pushing through even when the challenges that are around them are overwhelming. I respect them and enjoy sharing the hope I have found that learning these skills has brought me.

Educators are pushing through...

It's interesting how different life is with these skills. Years ago I would be dreading Valentine's Day. I have been married for over 30 years and I love my husband to pieces AND he struggles with remembering any of these kind of special days. Prior to learning skills, I always wished that he would plan something romantic knowing that he probably wouldn't. I would be wondering if I should plan something but then knowing it would disappoint him because it looked like he was not doing his best. It's such a 'funny' day this Valentine's Day. Now, I use relationship mindfulness and enjoy the moments we have. My marriage is so much better when I'm skillful.

My marriage is much better with skills

These DBT-informed skills have helped me show my husband and my daughter and my son-in-law and my grandson how important they are and how I love them through my skillful actions. These actions are all intentional. And they have given me the ability to live the serenity prayer. I am able to accept the things I cannot change. Life is not easy and for some of us it's really hard. These skills help.

So what makes your heart happy? And if your heart isn't happy today, do my words give you some hope that maybe learning something new could help? I hope so.

Do my words give you hope?

That is why I will always continue to talk about these skills.

Have a skill-filled day.

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