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I am in my 3rd year and am getting ready to start my IFX, this session has eased my anxiety towards how I will handle myself in the classroom when things do not go as planned. I hope that I am able to deeply connect to my students and use your workshop as a guide to do so.


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"this session has eased my anxiety towards how I handle myself in the classroom."


In a fast-paced healthcare workplace, it is critical that we find ways to foster resilience and empower staff to connect in meaningful ways with those around them.  We registered for the Transforming Connections course with the idea of that it would help us communicate with our patients better, and what we received from this training was so much more than that!   The skills we learned have deepened our empathy, allowed us to understand and practice both distress tolerance skills and mindful communication, and, most of all, have strengthened our team’s resilience on a fundamental level.  We truly have acquired skills to be more effective our families, our colleagues and our patients on a daily basis.  Thank you Rosanna for gently guiding us through our development of these critical life skills!


"It is critical that we find ways to foster resilience and empower staff to connect in meaningful ways with tose around them."



I felt this session was incredibly inspiring. This session focused on connection and how to establish such with individuals who exhibit behaviours that we may feel negatively toward - hitting home and making me tear up several times. This moving session seems to be a result of how Kelly Maxwell shared her experiences, expertise in the topic and passion for sharing knowledge.

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"this session was incredibly inspiring "



What was your 'takeaway' from our session together?

Comments from 1 hour sessions.

You’ve helped change my mindset on how to approach and validate a child’s emotions and feelings - Yasmeen - teacher

I’ve learned a lot about how to cool down in school. To always validate your student’s feelings. - Chrischelle - 

Respond differently to the emotions others display. I will work on not trying to “fix” them or their problems, instead I will validate: acknowledge what is being felt and expressed. - Cassandra

Take into account how my feelings affect my actions and therefore can affect the students. - Tia

I really enjoyed this session!! It’s so hard to know exactly what to do & say in these emotionally charged situations. Having a tool box of strategies and scripts is a game changer! - Bailey - Grade 7-9 teacher

This “dip in the water” is fascinating to me. And an actual answer to my problems. Instead of being told “you can do it, I have faith in you. You replaced with the skill of validation. It made me feel better. I needed this session to fill my cup. Thank you and I wish me (and my staff) could learn more. - Angie - Grade 7-12 teacher

Great information, reminders and some good “how to” ideas for those who don’t know or have limited strategies. - Michelle - Admin

Comments from Teachers' Conventions 2024




The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. It did not feel intimidating to ask questions or share thoughts. Andi - EA

It has introduced new techniques for better relationships with students and their families - Aleri - Teacher

I like that it provided a safe and open space where we can be comfortable to share our own experiences. It helped encourage involvement in the conversations and activities. Micheal - principal

The realness of it, feeling safe, feeling validated - Courtney - Grade 5 teacher


Comments from Transforming Classrooms Workshop participants.

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