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Which SILA Skills workshop is right for you?


Do you work in an

educational environment

Some examples are:

  • Teacher,

  • Education Assistant,

  • Administrator,

  • Guidance Counsellor,

  • Support Staff,

  • Student Teacher, or

  • Pre-service Teacher

Then, check out:

High Stress BW JL21.png

Do you work in a

high-stress environment

Some examples are:

  • First Responder,

  • Front-Line Worker,

  • Social Worker,

  • Child Youth Worker,

  • Nurse,

  • Youth Group Leader, or

  • Health Care Worker

Then, check out:

Transforming Classrooms Endorsement

Blaise Aguirre, MD.

Medical Director
3East DBT Continuum
Assistant Professor in Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry

The skills taught in this workshop can have a transformative effect in the classroom. Teachers using these skills will be able to build better relationships with their students, improve coping skills and create a supportive, validating and respectful environment. We have seen the successful implementation of DBT skills in classrooms throughout the world and the SILA Skills Group is at the helm of the new movement in using a more integrative and holistic approach to education.

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