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Course Facilitators

Kelly Maxwell

Kelly Maxwell (B.Ed ‘89, M.Ed ‘16) is an elementary school teacher in rural Alberta. After 30-plus years of teaching, her passion for educating continues. She has been, and continues to be involved with professional development within her school district and at local Teachers' Conventions. In the last several years she acquired DBT based skills that transformed her life and her classroom. These skills helped her through challenging interactions with her son who struggled with his mental health. These skills not only transformed her home life, they also transformed her classroom interactions. She is passionate about sharing these transformational skills with other educators through the SILA Skills Workshops.

Rosanna Ruppert

Rosanna Ruppert is a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills practitioner, DBT skills coach for youth and adults and workshop developer for teachers, education assistants, guidance counsellors and child and youth counsellors. She implemented a pilot project bringing DBT based skills to 5 GTA schools, training and coaching teachers, educating parents and tailoring curriculum to accommodate specific needs of schools. Her teaching style and responsiveness make her highly regarded and sought after by schools. Rosanna ran the first-ever DBT-focused conference for educators in the Toronto area attended by 50 teachers and school board staff. Rosanna is committed to teaching these essential skills through the SILA Skills Workshops.