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Target Audience

​Those who work in the field of education, such as

  • Teachers

  • Education Assistants

  • Administration

  • Guidance Counsellors

  • Support Staff

  • Student Teachers

  • Pre-service Teachers

You will learn how to:

  • Build trust, reduce the intensity of emotions and open the door for problem-solving

  • Interpret a student’s behavior by approaching with curiosity, removing judgment, and being in the moment to respond constructively to the current situation

  • Bridge communication between teacher and student, student and student, teacher and teacher

  • Create an overall collaborative and validating classroom environment 

  • Use emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills that help with self-care and mental wellness

  • Recognize your own emotional vulnerability and reactivity in any given situation to position yourself to interact effectively

  • Learn more here

SILA Skills' 12-hour workshops are delivered virtually.

Workshop certificates will be issued for those who complete 100% attendance.

Are you interested in learning these skills for yourself? 

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SILA Skills can accommodate timing to fit your organization’s needs.

Contact us to schedule a workshop.

As a first-year principal in a new school, there is any number of daily interactions with staff, students and parents that influence the culture of the school. Over the years I have built a toolkit to support these interactions that drew from a large number of influences and have served me well. That said, SILA has done an excellent job of pulling together many of the skills that I have cultivated over the years and organized them into a cohesive and easily understandable package that offers a common vernacular to a staff. This commonality cannot be understated. Our "Superhero Powers" of mindfulness, basic assumptions and validation have found a home within the school and have provided positive outcomes in some of our most difficult personal interactions. I would recommend SILA training to any individual who works with people. Namely, all of us!

Endorsement from

Justin Klaassen

Middle School Principal


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