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Target Audience:

First Responders, Front Line Workers, Social Workers, Child Youth Workers, Youth Group Leaders, Nurses, Health Care Workers

Hospital Corridor

Target Audience

Those who work in a high-stress environment, such as

  • First Responders

  • Front-line Workers

  • Social Workers

  • Child Youth Workers

  • Nurses

  • Health Care Workers

  • Youth Group Leaders


You will learn how to:

  • Build trust, reduce the intensity of emotions and open the door for problem-solving

  • Interpret another’s behavior by approaching with curiosity, removing judgment, and being in the moment to respond constructively to the current situation

  • Bridge communication between co-workers and clients, administrators and staff

  • Create an overall collaborative and validating work environment

  • Use emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills that help with self-care and mental wellness

  • Recognize your own emotional vulnerability and reactivity in any given situation to position yourself to interact effectively

SILA Skills' 17.5-hour workshops are delivered virtually.

Workshop certificates will be issued for those who complete 100% attendance.

SILA Skills can customize timing to fit your organization’s needs with a workshop designed just for you.

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss the possibilities.


“By helping us to be present to our own experience, the skills taught by SILA enable us to recognize our emotions and teach us to manage them and to communicate in a way that facilitates effective and meaningful relationships with others.  I have found these skills to be helpful for all individuals and critical for those working in especially stressful environments, including first responders, frontline workers, and teachers , to help cope effectively with day to day challenges and  when the stress of life threatens to become overwhelming”

Endorsement from

Lynn Swanson Ph.D., C. Psych.


Swanson, Moss, Heimpel & Associates, Psychologists

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