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What is SILA Skills?

Each of the founding members of The SILA Skills Group have experienced the power of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Skills to transform their lives and their relationships. In 2018, the founding members of The SILA Skills Group combined their passions, life-experience, and knowledge to create a unique organization designed to empart these transformative skills to people everywhere.  


Mission Statement

To make accessible to all, skills that promote social-emotional well-being and the development and maintenance of meaningful and effective relationships.

Core Values

Passion - we are passionate as a group to share the skills with all

Respect - we treat each other and our clients with respect

Integrity - we are transparent, honest and upstanding in all our dealings

Compassion - we take the perspectives of and feel the emotions of others and have a strong desire to help

Growth - we continually evaluate to improve

Holding Hands
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