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The SILA Skills Group (SILA) 

Participant Agreement 


  1. The workshops are delivered virtually through Zoom. Participant agrees to have their image and voice, etc transmitted over Zoom. 

  2. Participant agrees to the collection of personal information, through Google Docs or other platform as SILA deems appropriate. Information includes that which SILA deems to be necessary and appropriate for the effective provision of services offered by SILA. 

  3. Participant agrees to their information being retained by SILA for the purpose of further communication and the effective provision of SILA services. 

  4. Participant agrees to SILA’s Privacy Policy

  5. Participant agrees to keep confidential the personal information and scenarios shared by Participants in the workshops. 

  6. SILA is not responsible for any misuse/misinterpretation by the Participant of information that is acquired in the workshop. 

  7. The content of this workshop is directed solely to the skill development of the Participants and is in no way intended to represent appropriate training to teach the skills to others. 

  8. SILA and SILA facilitators are not therapists. This workshop is in no way intended to supplement or replace any personal and/or professional therapy. 

  9. This workshop is in no way intended to supplement or replace any workplace safety procedures and protocols. Participants are expected to follow and prioritize their workplace procedures and protocols. 

  10. The Participant indemnifies and holds harmless The SILA Skills Group, its Directors, Officers, Facilitators and any representatives therein. SILA cannot be held responsible for any actions of its Participants. If you have a crisis or are in need of suicide prevention or deem yourself or others to be in danger of any kind, call 911. 

  11. The SILA Skills Group is a not-for-profit organization and is not a registered charity and cannot issue tax donation receipts. 

  12. The SILA workshop is not to be recorded by Participants.

  13.  The SILA Workshop materials are for the use of registered Participants only and are not to be reproduced without consent from SILA. 

  14. The workshop is limited to registered Participants and the workshop link is not to be shared by Participants with anyone who has not registered for the workshop.

  15. Participants must attend 100% of sessions in a workshop in order to receive a completion letter. Under exceptional circumstances, SILA reserves the right to amend this completion letter on a case by case basis.

  16. Participants understand that the skills build on each other and missing a workshop may impact their understanding of the material. If Participants miss a session, they should review the missed material.

  17. Participants understand that the workshops are participatory.

  18. SILA reserves the right to cancel workshops.

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